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Design / Build

Typically there are hundreds of interconnected parties involved in most large commercial or residential projects. With so many important players involved it is critical to have the management experience to insure your project is designed and built to your expectations for budget, schedule and facility performance. Comprehensive project management from start (Design) to finish (Build) is key to ensuring that your project exceeds expectations.

At Huston General Contracting, we offer comprehensive Design / Build Services for nearly any commercial or residential construction project.


Smart Design is Good Design
We consider existing conditions to optimize your project’s form and function. Our design approach is meticulous on integrating each piece together, interior and exterior. Even before putting pencil to paper, we take time to understand the total scope and vision of your building project.

Throughout the Design / Build process, an experienced project manager and senior designer are on hand to advise, guide, and troubleshoot. After completion, we initiate periodic visits to make sure that every one is satisfied with the quality of the project. Our goal is to remain your first choice for all your future projects.


Building To Perfection:
We have found that the key to a successful project is comprehensive project management, technical construction expertise, and close collaboration amongst all project participants.

The key to a perfect project is:
communication with owners, designers, planning and building department staff and all the subcontractors and suppliers. The answer for the best solution is always found within the team.

Team effort:

We work closely with our team to develop each project starting at design. Then we stay together and tap each other's knowledge during the build-out to produce the best possible product.

Our Design build Services Include:

  • New Commercial Construction

  • New Residential Construction

  • Conceptual Estimates (on even the most preliminary design concepts)
    Huston General Contracting has expertise in providing conceptual estimates for all commercial and residential projects. Call us today @ (415) 509-0304 for conceptual estimates on your current project.

  • New office or retail building ground up or Tenant Improvements
    Looking to put together Tenant Improvements for your commercial property? Huston General Contracting has expertise in all TI projects. For more information, call Huston General Contracting today @ (415) 509-0304

  • New Residences and/or Additions
    If you are looking to build a new home or expand your existing home, Huston General Contracting has 25 years of industry experience to help bring your design ideas to reality.

  • Renovations:

    • Kitchens
      From start to finish, we can assist you with your kitchen renovation. We have expertise in all major remodeling projects. Call us today to get started!

    • Bathrooms
      Huston General Contracting has expertise in renovating and remodeling bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. If you can dream it up, we can put it together for you. Call us today to get started on your new bathroom project.

  • Concrete removal and replacement
    Huston General Contracting has expertise in concrete foundations and more. For building structures and more, call us today.

  • Foundation Upgrades

  • Metal or Wood Framing, wood Siding, stucco, plaster or painting
    For major renovations, additions, and remodels, you may require a contractor with expertise in metal or wood framing, wood siding, stucco or paint. Huston General Contracting can assist you with all your major wood framing and siding jobs. Call us today!

  • Built-in Cabinets, Millwork, Stone & Tile
    Huston General Contracting has experience working with fine custom cabinets, Stone and Tile. Call us today for all your cabinet, millwork, stone and tile needs.

  • Plumbing
    Huston General Contracting has expertise in designing and installing plumbing systems for commercial and residential properties. Whether you’re looking for a basic bathroom remodel or a large scale renovation, we can help. Call Huston General Contracting today.

  • Electrical
    Today’s modern technologies require an electrical system that is built to match. Huston General Contracting can provide all electrical services for your renovation project. Call us today.